About ATAG

The Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) is a not-for-profit association that brings together actors and experts from all parts of the air transport value chain.

ATAG has a wide-reaching and international membership comprising some 40 organisations worldwide. These include the world’s principal airframe and engine manufacturers; associations representing airlines, airports, air navigation service providers, manufacturers, business aviation and the tourism sector; industry suppliers; sustainable aviation fuel companies; leasing companies and chambers of commerce.

Thanks to our global membership spanning the entire air transport sector, ATAG is in an excellent position to speak at international fora, UN meetings and with governments.

Mission and objectives

ATAG’s members share a vision of ensuring air transport can continue to connect the world and support economic and social development in the decades to come, while respecting the commitment to climate action underlined by the Paris Agreement.

Our current mission is to help drive the industry towards net-zero carbon emissions for air transport by 2050.

Through ATAG, we provide a platform to work together on key issues for which a global, industry-wide approach is essential. Examples of successful collaboration include:

How we work

With the support of our members, ATAG carries out the following activities:

  • advocates for joint action and develops positions to promote a united vision for aviation
  • makes expert and constructive contributions to governmental and UN processes; coordinating industry representation at related meetings
  • carries out studies to develop consistent and reliable data on air transport’s contribution to job creation, trade, connectivity, tourism, community lifelines and disaster response
  • establishes working groups across the industry to address aviation's key challenges
  • develops an array of educational resources about the industry’s sustainability activities. These include the www.aviationbenefits.org website as well as our numerous publications and videos. The resources are publicly available and free-of-charge.
  • develops toolkits on specific issues for use by ATAG members in their own communications initiatives
  • brings together all sectors of aviation, plus governments, environmental groups and other stakeholders at educational and information-sharing briefings, summits and forums.