Ambition urged for aviation climate talks

MONTREAL, 18 July 2022 Representatives of over 110 countries will meet in Montreal this week for a series of talks aimed at making progress towards a long-term climate goal for the global aviation sector. High-level government representatives will meet at the United Nations specialised agency the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Haldane Dodd, Executive Director of the cross-industry Air Transport Action Group (ATAG), said that focus needs to be maintained on the long-term nature of tackling the climate challenge: “the world of aviation has had over two years of difficulty – both the financial hit of Covid itself, and the operational challenges of restarting the system very quickly. But we can’t let today’s crisis dictate how we plan to deal with the longer-term crisis of climate change.

“The science is clear. We must act now and prepare to shift the global economy towards net-zero by the middle of the century. Our analysis – through the Waypoint 2050 project – shows that even for a challenging sector like aviation, net-zero is possible with the right determination and collective action. We need governments to support that vision at ICAO this year with a long-term climate goal that matches the industry’s own commitment.

“Importantly, it is not only the leadership in aviation calling for global policy support. Young aviation professionals from around the world – pilots and engineers, fleet planners and air traffic controllers – are also calling for an agreement this year at ICAO. They are the future of the industry and their voice is captured in a video message to the delegates at ICAO:

This week’s talks are a precursor to the official discussions which will take place in September and October in Montreal. The industry says it is important that governments adopt a long-term climate goal at this year’s session. Such a globally-aligned policy environment will bring stability of direction and certainty to catalyse the needed investments in new fuels and decarbonisation technologies.