Unique virtual event showcases global aviation climate action

CRANFIELD, 13 September 2022 - Tomorrow, Cranfield University and the Air Transport Action Group will team up to deliver a unique global event. The Global Aviation Summit 2022, with 13 hours of live discussion crossing six different world regions, follows the sun to explore sustainability in air transport from multiple angles.

Executive Director of the cross-industry Air Transport Action Group, Haldane Dodd says the climate challenge is one the whole world must tackle together: “In aviation, we are in a good position to make big things happen. We have the skills and the drive to get things done. We have a good track record of making the impossible happen. And we are committed to facing big challenges, together.

“Climate change presents one of those challenges. It will require teamwork within the sector and with colleagues across the energy industry, research institutions like Cranfield and many other universities worldwide, the finance community and governments as well. As an industry we have committed to net-zero carbon by 2050.”

Professor Iain Gray, Director of Aerospace at Cranfield University says, “collaboration is central to the smooth running of air transport anyway, but to tackle some of the big challenges that face us, it will be even more important. The 2022 Global Aviation Summit helps take that conversation further and presents a useful opportunity for industry, government and academics to work together on common objectives. Cranfield University is pleased to help play a convening role in this big conversation.”

The collaboration brings together nearly 70 speakers from all parts of the world exploring climate mitigation and adaptation in aviation, the role of air transport in supporting community development, biodiversity and workforce requirements as the sector works to outline its sustainable future. Key to that will be setting firm trajectories for a global approach.

Dodd comments, “This year we are asking governments meeting at the ICAO Assembly to adopt a long-term climate goal in line with the industry’s own ambition. This will ensure that governments share some of the responsibility to meet the goal and provide the right policy environment to make it a reality. Perhaps most importantly, having such a UN-backed goal now will provide some global stability of policy approach which will help unlock the investments needed in new technology and sustainable fuels.”