IHI Corporation

In 1945, IHI manufactured the “Ne20” engine for Japan’s first jet “Kikka”. Since then, IHI has played a vital role in the expansion of Japan’s aviation industry through the development and manufacture of a wide range of jet engines. Now engaged in processes ranging from the development, design and manufacture to overhauls and repairs of engines both for defense and civil aircraft, IHI is thriving as a leading jet engine manufacturer that contributes to the aviation industry worldwide.

On the space development front too, IHI has been developing and producing solid rockets, satellites, turbo pumps, key components of rocket engines, and gas-jet systems. Today, with the focus on propulsion technology, the company has dramatically expanded the range of its activities in space to include integrated system business such as satellites, space exploration and return and retrieval.

With its spirit of challenge and cutting-edge technology, IHI is committed to contributing to the realisation of the dreams of humanity and the sustainable development of society through safe and clean air transport.